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 Points Get You Prizes! [The Official Guide]

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PostSubject: Points Get You Prizes! [The Official Guide]   Mon Dec 12, 2011 4:53 pm

As you know, when you you win official competitions or quests, you get points and possibly higher rankings for your achievements. But what you may not know, is you can get other points as well for participating, or meeting certain requirements for a race. With points you can buy things with them! Such things can be bought like,


When you get a certain number of points you can get things such as custom userbars. These are different from the forum userbars because they are for userbars of anything you want. Like a fandom, or a quote, or a favorite shiny. Anything you can think of can be a userbar. If you're unsure what a userbar is, I'll provide you with a few that I've made in the past.

One of course is animated and one isn't. But whichever you choose depends on how many points are spent.

- Regular Userbars - 3 points
- Animated Userbars - 5 points


Want a new avatar for the forum? You can buy one here. They're easy to make and are low in cost, and of course they can be of anything you want!

Avatar: 3 Points


Banners are things in your signature that can be of anything you want. They're more extensive to make and will of course cost more points. You can have a shiny banner, such as this

Shiny Banner (click)

All I ask is for banners such as this be in spoiler tags because of how extensive they can get.

Regular banners that are about this size don't have to be in spoiler tags, just shiny cards.

Shiny Banner: 10 Points
Regular Banner: 5 Points

That's about it. The more you hunt, the most points you get, and the more you can get things! :'D Happy hunting!

~Shiny Card:
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Points Get You Prizes! [The Official Guide]
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