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 The Guide To Shiny Hunting

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PostSubject: The Guide To Shiny Hunting   Sun Aug 21, 2011 1:57 am

So, what is shiny hunting? In fact, what the heck is a shiny Pokemon!? Funny you should ask that because here at "The Shiny Hunters, were all about the weird phenomenon of shiny Pokemon.

A shiny Pokemon is an extremely rare creature that is almost never seen. In plain terms though it's a Pokemon that is a different color than what it would normally be. For example I'll take my favorite Pokemon Persian for instance. We all know what a normal one looks like, kinda tan and has brown in their ears. Not the shiny version however, it's more white with a pinkish color in their ears instead of brown. But instead of telling you, I'll just show you.

See the difference? Other Pokemon species don't always have such a subtle appearance such as my favorite Pokemon does. For instance, shiny Charizards are black and red instead of orange and green, pretty cool huh? I think so. But how do you get such an elusive Pokemon? Well there are a couple different ways in which I will show you here.

The PokeRadar::
- Yes, the PokeRadar! It's relatively easy to use, but it takes a lot of practice to get it right. In a nutshell its a device you obtain after getting the national pokedex in Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. It's a nifty little machine that can chain Pokemon in a way that if you get 40 of the same Pokemon in a row, you'll have a pretty good chance of finding a shiny Pokemon. But don't fret, when a shiny Pokemon appears the grass will shimmer and shine in a rather unusual way. In fact, if you ever encounter a shiny Pokemon, it will sparkle with a peculiar chime that can be heard if you find one.

The Masuda Method::
- A method that is relatively new, it was created and revealed by one of the main game designers named Junichi Masuda. To explain, the chance of finding a shiny Pokemon in the wild is 1/8,192. But with the Masuda method the chances increase by 75%, making it 1/2,048. In Generation V, the odds are increased even more by 1/365.3. But how does it work? Well, it's simple. Every Pokemon distributed from various countries has their own specific identification code. As a promotional plan to use the GTS (Global Trading Station), if you are traded a foreign Pokemon and breed it with your own, your chances of finding a shiny in an egg is enhanced. But, why? Well because if you say, breed a Japanese Ditto with an English Eevee, your chances of hatching a shiny are increased by 75%.

Random Encounters::
- Random encounters are pretty straightforward, and works with every game. Simply encounter Pokemon by the tens, hundreds, or even thousands at a time, and one might just become a shiny. Remember though, the odds are 1/8,192 every time you encounter a shiny Pokemon. So even if you encounter 8,191 Pokemon it doesn't mean the next one will be shiny. But not to worry, the method truly works, I've done it. It just takes time and patience.

Soft Resetting::
- Soft resetting is a painstaking task to find a shiny. This works for Legendary Pokemon, or Pokemon that you stand in front of to encounter. The method is simple, save in front of the Pokemon you are ready to encounter. The odds of finding a shiny this way is still 1/8,192, and encounter the Pokemon. If it isn't shiny simply soft reset your game by pressing L+R+START+SELECT. This will restart your game safely in a way that it will not damage your game no matter how much you do it. For the Gameboy advance the buttons are different. It's A+B+START+SELECT.

And that's pretty much what shiny hunting is all about! So whatever method you prefer, don't be afraid to try it. It honestly works! And I officially welcome you to the Shiny Hunters forum!

Sources: Serebii.net | Bulbapedia.net

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The Guide To Shiny Hunting
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