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 Keruso's Hunts

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PostSubject: Keruso's Hunts   Thu Jan 05, 2012 8:13 pm

im gonna post up my hunts here, but i really haven't done much with any of them in about 2 months, except for one.

LeafGreen: Charmander Resets, been doing this for a while, he refuses to shine. then i'll play through with a team in waiting in Ruby, which i hope will work. then 5 random hunts.

Emerald: Main hunt, Smeargle. i had one around .........60 maybe 110 encounters and killed it accidentally. will avenge this one. currently at 2000 encounters. then 4 random hunts ( i found a random Swablu while leveling my Rhyhorn)

Diamond: Recently bought sometime last year, i have hunts in the double areas (where i killed that Wurmple) and then EVERYTHING that is resetable. i also need to beat the Elite 4

Pearl: Regigigas resets. then not sure, but i may just do some random area hunts

Platinum: random 6 hunts

SoulSilver: Enigma Stone Lati, Kabuto Resets (from a challenge type thing that either SHU or Serebii started) 89 (x5) resets, then im not sure what else

Heartgold: I've got a Shiny Eyecatch Tour going on here, namely, every place that has a different Screen, like say Burned Tower, i will hunt in. I have to go back to a few places, though. Currently at Burned Tower, looking (and hoping) for Koffing. 1700 encounters

White:........hmm, won't be getting to here for a while, but those that are resettable

Black: once i get it, Snivy Resets

Future Ruby/Sapphire game: Treecko, to avenge my dead Sapphire game that never gave one up.

im hunting from top yo bottom, so my hunts in White/Black wont happen for a long time
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Keruso's Hunts
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