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 The summary !

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PostSubject: The summary !   Sun Jan 01, 2012 5:05 pm


The new year begins !
January, the cold month. Also the first month in the year. All shinies hunters are really excited when they thinking : "I can do betten than the last year !". How many shinies will be found this year ? It's a mystery for everyone !

01/04/2012 : found in 1,538 SR by Willheart
01/05/2012 : found in under 300 GameCorner SR by FatalOmega
01/07/2012 : found in ~1,500 SR by Shinyhunter287
01/07/2012 : found in 1538 RE by Willheart
01/09/2012 : found in 6246 Starters seen by TurtleJoe
01/10/2012 : found in 1,904 RE's by Willheart
01/13/2012 : found in 407 RE's by Willheart
01/15/2012 : found in 3,956 RE's, route 18, US WHT by Cutty
01/17/2012 : found in 17,165 SR's, Dragon's Den, US SS by Cutty
01/27/2012 : found in ~600 RE by ~Marinette~
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PostSubject: Re: The summary !   Fri Feb 03, 2012 4:23 pm

In the January month, 10 shinies were found. It's a good number !
Willheart is the "champion" for this month with 4 shinies, congrats ! And congrats for all shinies founded for this cold month ! Now, let's go for a VERY COLD MONTH ! xD


Another cold month ! Who can win this month ? Willheart again ? Let's go for some stars guys ! =D
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The summary !
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