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PostSubject: Trainers Journals   Wed Dec 21, 2011 1:04 pm

Hey, this is a thread to post where you are in B/W. Currently, i am grinding for 8th gym/E-4 so i dont have to grind in between. The team is:

Serperior lv 44 (pkrs)
Gardevoir lv 35(pkrs)
Emboar lv 48 (pkrs)
Victini lv 50
Stoutland lv 41(pkrs)
Simipour lv 40 (pkrs)

Also, i have a lv 1 ralts in the daycare with a Ditto i got from mexico lat night. Hoping to strt mm'ng as soon as i beat the E-4.

EDIT: Past E-4 now, just MM'g for that Ralts. At ~40 eggs hatched.
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Trainers Journals
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