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 Competition Suggestions Thread

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PostSubject: Competition Suggestions Thread   Sat Dec 17, 2011 4:00 am

Have an idea for a cool quest? Post here! We'd love to have feedback, questions, or suggestions on any site competitions.
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PostSubject: Re: Competition Suggestions Thread   Thu Dec 29, 2011 1:27 am

Basically hunters like general challenges/competitions/quests that don't disturb their main hunts. So they still can do their specific hunts and join the races at the same time. And since this forum is all about races, there should be more races so everyone get more chances to win/get points.
Every hunter I believe has their favorite method of hunting, so I'm suggesting there should be races every month to find out who gets the most shinies for RE, MM or SR method. Means there are three more titles to win besides the monthly challenge and monthly quest.

Every hunter who participate/signs up for the monthly challenge should be automatically signed for the RE, MM and SR method races. We can decide the winners after the month ends by judging the shinies they got.
There should be at least two hunters who are in a race (it's not a race if there is only one hunter, even if he gets many shinies for one method of hunting).

Other idea, you guys can bring back the shiny tour challenge from Serebii shiny club: The Kanto Tour (get the most shinies from FR/LG), the Johto tour (from HG/SS games), D/P/Plat tour or the Unova tour (you can call it fifth gen challenge, whatever). This kind of challenges can last longer from 2-3 months, up to you guys, without disturbing other challenges/quests.

So these general hunts I proposed can give all shiny hunters more chances to win without much difficulty compared to specific hunts, especially since most of all members in this forum are rookie hunters.
All they have to do is sign up for monthly challenge and they get the chance to join other races just by hunting their main hunts/favorite shinines. After all joining a race is all about having fun.^^

Also, can I suggest for the next January quest? I'll post it anyway =p

Because January is all about celebrating new year and all, with fireworks with lots of bright colours, so why not make the theme "Let Your Colours Burst" (From Katy Perry's song btw).
The objective is to get two shinies with 'stand out'/bright colours from the original. Totally the opposite of the normal colour to win. So for instance, a hunter who gets shiny Scyther will definitely lose to a hunter who gets shiny Pinsir. Still it needs at least one jury to decide the winner (Wiled can do it) if it ends in a dead lock, like which one is better, shiny Zorua or shiny Latias? o.O Participants must accept the jury's decision no matter what. It's only a game after all.

That's all I can share. No hurt feelings if you guys want to accept my ideas or not. I just wanna help, the point is.^^

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PostSubject: Re: Competition Suggestions Thread   Thu Dec 29, 2011 7:32 am

Shiny hunters Tour are cool, but in shinyhunters french forum, it's a lot of preparations before the begining... So I think it's the same with serebii xD Like 1st week, Pallet town => Viridian city, right ? Say where you can hunt, if you can SR starters, ... etc. So, we can do it, but maybe later, I think xD

The 1st idea is good !

And I have an idea. Why all englishes forum members hunts shiny egg with the MM method ? In SH forum, we like the idea of the rarity of a shiny. We love the 1/8192 spirit. So, maybe a egg hunt 1/8192 will be great. That's show your patience at the shiny hunting xD
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PostSubject: Re: Competition Suggestions Thread   

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Competition Suggestions Thread
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