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 RULES:: Please Read

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PostSubject: RULES:: Please Read   Thu Dec 08, 2011 2:42 pm

Hello and welcome to the forum, where our main focus is those elusive shiny Pokemon. Here at Shiny Hunt Central, there are prizes and special rankings to commemorate those who have worked hard to achieve certain requirements built around this site. But before we go any further, I would like to issue some very important rules so we can keep this a very friendly community.

First you must always be aware of what you say to other online members, and with that I will go over the basics.


- No spamming! Double posting and writing posts and threads that don't have a decent amount of sentences just to increase post count or bump and old topic is not permitted. Promptly they will be deleted and you will be notified if it occurs more than once.
- No disrespect! Everyone should be treated as you wished to be treated, as harassment is not permitted. If you are caught arguing with another member on the forum, there will be a warn. If there is bullying you will be immediately banned from the forum.
- Write decently! Posts that are filled with poor grammar will be looked at more closely than well written ones. Keep in mind that you need at least 5 good sentences to write create a new thread.

Finding a shiny is a wonderful feeling after many encounters, resets, or eggs. But when showing your shiny to the forum we need to make sure its legitimate.


- No falsely accusing others that their shiny is fake! If you have no proof that the shiny is a fake one, then you have no right to belittle others. IF you feel someone is faking their shiny Pokemon, contact one of the administrators your concern.
- No method is better than another, and saying otherwise in a threatening manner will result in the banning of your account.
- NO arguments about RNG, Roms, or Emulators. Now, I can't stress this rule enough. There are no facts to say they are cheating, so simply it is all opinionated. Whether you agree with them or not, there will be no fights about its legitimacy. If this forum is concerned, it's NOT cheating.

The chatbox is a great place to converse with other hunters about practically anything. But there are some things you need to know.


- NO harassing others in the chatbox! Just like posting, you need to be respectful towards others as the chatbox is for making friends, not enemies.
- No spamming! If you spam in the chatbox with emotes, letters, or anything that is annoying you will be kicked from the chatroom.
- No asking personal questions or questions that can make people feel uncomfortable. This is the internet, and as trustworthly as a person you might be in real life, it's much different in the virtual world.

If any of these rules have to be reinforced you will be temporarily banned from the chatbox. If they continue, you'll be permanently banned from the chatbox.

When participating in a challenge, you must always be aware of how to hunt to have a score for yourself.


- No AR's or Gamesharks! These are cheating devices, and cheating is certainly not permitted! Emulators and Roms are perfectly acceptable as LONG as you find the shiny legitimately!
- NO CHAINING OR RUMBLE SHINY POKEMON. You can always chain for Pokemon as much as you want, but when entering a race you must be aware that chaining is seriously unfair.
- Traded Pokemon will not count! Like chaining, you're of course, free to trade as much as you want. But again when entering a race you can't count a traded shiny as a score.


- No trading hacked Pokemon if the person you're trading with has no idea it's a fake. This will make you seem like an untrustworthy person and you WILL be banned from trading on the forum.
- Be specific of what you want to trade or have.
- No impossible trades. (ie. I want an Arceus with a flame plate.) You do want the trade to be successful don't you?
- There will be no unfair battles. The rules are entirely up to the people who wish to battle, but if you're making it an unfair fight you will be warned.
- Clearly state your rules before a match. If you want an all uber fight then go ahead, but don't use them and not warn your opponent.
- Be respectful towards the fellow player. No sore losers here.

~Shiny Card:
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RULES:: Please Read
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