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 How to move up in ranks.

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PostSubject: How to move up in ranks.    Thu Dec 08, 2011 12:01 am

Here are Shiny Hunters Central, a colored name symbolizes your achievements as a shiny collector. I will post here the guide on how to move up in colors, and furthermore move up in ranks. You will receive a custom userbar to put in your signature, but you will NOT have any special privileges as of now, but that is always liable to change.

Shiny Champions - The pinnacle of shiny success - this group is for only those souls who have accomplished the most prestigious goal of shiny hunting: winning the Yearly Challenge.

Shiny Masters - Hunters who have won 1st place for 5 or more official challenges will promoted to this group.

Expert Hunters - Hunters who have won 3 challenges with a 1st - 3rd place score, you'll be promoted to this group.

Novice Hunters - Hunters who have won 1st - 3rd place on an official challenge at least once will be promoted to this group.

Newbie Hunters - Hunters who have won no official challenges are ranked as basic.

So there you have it, these are the ranks that are used for this shiny hunting forum. To move up you simply have to compete, so happy hunting!

~Shiny Card:
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How to move up in ranks.
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